Great observability via fast JSON serialization

As we come to the end of this phase of our performance and scale testing, we have turned our attention to the Flock Networks Operations REST API.

Flock Networks routing suite v20.3.5 is out now and it can sort and serialize the 763k BGP routes (as seen at LINX) into JSON and then stream them over HTTP in under 2s.

you@your-host:~$ time flockc bgp --prefix --host > bgp_table.json
real    0m1.972s
you@your-host:~$ wc bgp_table.json
   763307    763307 223051579 bgp_table.json

Because BGP routes have so much meta data (BGP path attributes etc) that is 223 MB of data.

 you@your-host:~$ ls -l bgp_table.json
 -rw-r--r-- 1 you you 223051579 Sep 30 09:51 bgp_table.json

If we are feeling a bit crazy we can now diff the internet backbone in real time !

you@your-host:~$ flockc bgp --prefix --host > bgp_table_later.json
you@your-host:~$ diff bgp_table.json bgp_table_later.json
 < {"ip_net":"","best_entry":{"neigh":{"neigh_ipv4_addr":"","attrs":{"origin":"Igp","as_path":{"segments":[{"segment_type":"AsSequence","segment_value":[65020,8607,2914,3257,20940,20940,16625]}]},"next_hop":"","atomic_aggregate":false}},"reason":"OnlyValidPeer"}}

Or we can deserialize using the language of our choice and take control of the data.

you@your-host:~$ flockc bgp --prefix --host -J --show-url*/sort/json

you@your-host:~$ python3
>>> import requests
>>> r = requests.get('*/sort/json')
>>> deserialized_json = r.json()
>>> len(deserialized_json)
>>> deserialized_json[42]
{'ip_net': '', 'best_entry': {'neigh': {'neigh_ipv4_addr': '', 'attrs': {'origin': 'Igp', 'as_path': {'segments': [{'segment_type': 'AsSequence', 'segment_value': [65020, 8607, 3356, 3491, 38040, 23969]}]}, 'next_hop': '', 'atomic_aggregate': False}}, 'reason': 'OnlyValidPeer'}}         

The Flock Networks Routing Suite has excellent observability because all operational state queries can be returned in JSON format using a machine friendly API.

More information on using the Operations REST API can be found here. The software can be downloaded from here.