Flock Networks Routing Suite 20.1 is released

Flock Networks Routing Suite v20.1 Released

Welcome to the first IP Routing Suite written exclusively in the secure Rust language. Install this software on any Linux host to create a fast and secure IP router.

The Routing Suite is designed to gain maximum performance from modern hardware, and is highly secure as it is implemented in a memory safe language.

New in version 20.1
– BGPv4 support
– An open monitoring API that can be queried by your choice of client OS (Windows, Mac, Linux) and language (Python, Ruby, Go, Rust, …)

The Routing Suite is designed for massive scale and to require very little configuration. For example an entire OSPFv2 Autonomous System can be deployed with each router requiring only four lines of identical configuration.

area_id = ""
name = "^en" # Match interfaces starting with "en"

The REST remote monitoring API is based on Open Standards (HTTP + JSON). This makes it trivial to remotely query any state in a Flock Networks router. For example the entire IP Route Table (RIB) can be download and imported using three lines of Python.

you@your-host:~$ python3
>>> import requests
>>> r = requests.get('http://r02:8000/ribv4/prefix?ipv4_net=*/sort/json')
>>> r.json()
[{'ip_net': '', 'origin': 'Ospfv2', 'next_hops': [{'intf_id': 2, 'ip_addr': ''}, {'intf_id': 4, 'ip_addr': ''}]}, {'ip_net': '', 'origin': 'Kernel', 'next_hops': [{'intf_id': 2}]}, {'ip_net': '', 'origin': 'Ospfv2', 'next_hops': [{'intf_id': 2, 'ip_addr': ''}, {'intf_id': 4, 'ip_addr': ''}]}]

To remotely monitor Flock Networks Routers from a host, the Flock Networks Routing Suite Client is available on its own.

If you have any comments or issues please email support@flocknetworks.com