Flock Networks Routing Suite 20.0 is released

Flock Networks are proud to announce the release of IP Routing Suite 20.0. This is the first IP Routing suite written from scratch in the Rust Language. The Routing Suite is highly scalable, simple to configure and easy to operate. The Routing Suite will run on any Linux host and turn it into an IP router.

    Download v20.0.6
    User Guide

Version 20.0 consists of:

  • OSPFv2 (RFC2328)
  • IPv4 RIB
  • A TOML based configuration system
  • A JSON based User / Operations Interface

The Routing Suite is designed so that each router in the network has an identical configuration. Below is the entire configuration each router requires.

cat /etc/flockrsd/ospfv2.toml
# Place all ethernet interfaces into area
area_id = ""
# Match any interfaces that have name starting with "en"
name = "^en"

The User / Operations Interface gives very good observability into the network, presented as JSON output. By design the connection is Read-Only, state can be observed but never changed. The JSON output can be in a human or machine friendly format.

You can remotely monitor Flock Networks Routers from a device that is not a Flock Networks Router using the package below. It contains the Flock Networks Routing Suite Client only. (If you want to create a Router use the Download button at the top of the page. That package includes the Flock Networks Routing Suite Client and Daemon.)

    Download v20.0.6 Client Code Only

If you have any comments or issues please email support@flocknetworks.com