The Third Generation IP Routing Suite

Flock Networks have upgraded the IP routing suite to match the demands of the modern network. Using 30 years of network architecture and network operations experience, we have created the third generation of IP routing suite.

The IP routing suite source code is available to license, allowing customers to quickly build bespoke internet network devices. For more information please read the Flock “Routing Development Crate” brochure.

Graphiant have built a scalable and highly integrated, modern Network OS. Flock delivered what was required to offer a fully functional routing stack in a contemporary package, along with the ability to support the unique innovations required for Graphiant on our mission to build the next-generation SD-WAN. This has all come together in the Graphiant Network Edge, wherein Flock is one of the pillars.

Stefan Olofsson, Founder and CTO, Graphiant

The Flock Networks IP routing suite is designed for unparalleled performance and massive scale. It has been implemented from scratch so it can excel on modern hardware. Each component of the IP routing suite is able to run in parallel, without being slowed down or interrupted by any other component.

The Flock Networks IP routing suite uses thread pools to achieve linear scale vs router CPU cores. On a router with four logical CPU cores it can signal one billion BGP route updates across one thousand BGP neighbors in under 90s from startup. If that is too slow for your network requirements then just choose a router with more CPU cores.

Most IP routing suites in production today were originally implemented decades ago in the insecure C or C++ languages. IP routers are the most critical part of the internet infrastructure. Implementing IP routers using an insecure language is no longer acceptable.

The Flock Networks IP routing suite is written exclusively in Rust. Rust guarantees memory safety at compile time. Rust code has been shown to reduce Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure’s (CVE’s) by around 70% when compared to C / C++.

If you would like more information please read the brochure or email us at We will only ever use your email address to contact you directly. We will not pass it on to anyone else.

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