Flock Networks are upgrading the IP routing suite to match the demands of the modern network. Using 30 years of network architecture and network operations experience, we’re creating a routing platform for the next generation of network, now.

Uniform IP Routing

The routers that form current IP networks are starting to look like quaint artifacts compared to the rapidly evolving end systems they interconnect. It is time for routers to become uniform and interchangeable. We believe, that like servers, routers should be treated like cattle not pets.

If an IP network allows runtime configuration changes to individual routers in isolation, each routers configuration and behavior becomes more diverse over time. This causes the complexity and support costs of the network to rapidly increase. The Flock Networks IP routing suite is designed to be given a standard configuration at deployment time. The routing suite will achieve IP network convergence autonomously. The standardized configuration used by the Flock Networks IP routing suite makes the routers interchangeable and disposable.

Secure IP Routing

Most IP routing software in production today was originally implemented decades ago in the C language. “C is good for two things: being beautiful and creating catastrophic 0days in memory management“. The days when it did not matter if the Internet was available or secure are gone. The Internet is now a utility and needs to be highly available and secure. Every communication on the Internet passes through multiple IP routers. IP routers are the most critical part of the Internet infrastructure. Implementing IP routers using a language that is not memory safe is no longer acceptable.

Flock Networks IP routing software is being written exclusively in Rust. Rust guarantees memory safety at compile time. Rust code has been shown to reduce Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure’s (CVE’s) by around 70% when compared to C / C++.

Fast IP Routing

Until your IP network is converged your routers are either dropping application traffic or forwarding it in a random direction. Flock Networks IP routing suite is being written to converge fast. The Rust language is fast, and in addition the data structures being used in the Flock Networks IP routing suite are data cache friendly. Previously in our careers we have written high performance software based packet forwarding code. The CPU data cache hit ratio was repeatedly observed to have the crucial impact on packet forwarding rates.

Get Involved

If you are interested in deploying and testing this modern approach to IP Routing please get involved. The Flock Networks IP routing suite will run on pretty much any Linux system. Download the software and read the User Guide here.

If you would like to hear more, or have any feedback, please email us at info@flocknetworks.com. We will only ever use your email address to contact you directly. We will not pass it on to anyone else.

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