Manual Install

Flock Networks Routing Suite can be manually installed on any Linux system. The binaries have no dependencies other than the Linux Kernel API (Sockets, Netlink, etc).

Extract the contents of the Debian package

You will need the ar archive utility from binutils.

For example on Fedora;

# yum install binutils

Then extract the contents of the debian package

$ ar x flockd_20.4.x_amd64.deb
$ ls
control.tar.gz  data.tar.xz  debian-binary  flockd_20.4.x_amd64.deb
$ tar -xf data.tar.xz
$ ls
control.tar.gz  debian-binary  flockd_20.4.x_amd64.deb  usr data.tar.xz etc lib

Install Files

The copyright / software licence file is here;

less usr/share/doc/flockd/copyright

Copy the flockd daemon config files to /etc/flockd

# mkdir /etc/flockd
# cp etc/flockd/* /etc/flockd

Copy the flockd daemon to /usr/sbin

# cp usr/sbin/flockd /usr/sbin

Copy the flockc client to /usr/bin

# cp usr/bin/flockc /usr/bin

Start the daemon

# RUST_LOG=info /usr/sbin/flockd &

Check the daemon is running

$ flockc system
"hostname": "flocknet"
"software": "Flock Networks Routing Suite"
"version": "20.4.0"
"model": "Large"
"base_os": "Linux"
"pid": 2423
"compile_mode": "Release"
"log_level": "info"
"uptime": Uptime { days: 0, hours: 0, mins: 0, secs: 19 }
"enabled_protocols": ["OSPFv2"]