Environment Variables

Some Flock routing suite configuration can be set using environment variables.

flockd environment variables can be set in the systemd service file.

flockc environment variables can be set on the command line

RUST_LOG=debug flockc system


FLOCKD_CONF_DIR sets the directory that flockd will look in for its configuration. If not set /etc/flockd will be used.


FLOCKD_CONF_FILE sets the configuration filename that flockd will look for. If not set flockd.json will be used.


The default log level is info. At this level all info and higher priority levels will be logged. Supported log levels in descending priority order are error, warn, info, debug and trace.


Log level error / [ERROR] is used for unexpected events signalled from inside the router. These are never expected to be seen and indicate a bug. Please email a bug report to: support@flocknetworks.com.


Log level warn / [WARN] is used for unexpected events signalled from outside the router. It is normal to see warnings whilst the network is converging. Warnings should never be seen after the network has converged and remains stable.

[WARN  flockd::ospf_neigh] RouterId(, V4( neigh state change Full -> Down


Log level info / [INFO] is used for expected events of note

[INFO  flockd] START: PID 385 Compile Mode Release Log Level "debug"
[INFO  flockd::sys::sys_intf] Update IntfId(2)] Broadcast Mtu(1500) Up [] event DownToUp
[INFO  flockd::ospf_intf] IntfId(2), state change Wait -> DrOther
[INFO  flockd::ospf_neigh] RouterId(, V4( neigh state change Loading -> Full


Log level debug / [DEBUG] is used for common expected events.


Log level trace / [TRACE] is used for very common expected events.

Changing the flockd default log level

The default log level can be changed by setting the RUST_LOG environment variable in the flockd systemd service file.

grep RUST_LOG /lib/systemd/system/flockd.service

When the systemd service file has changed, systemd needs to be told to reload the new flockd configuration.

# systemctl daemon-reload

To enable the new log level, flockd needs to be restarted.

# systemctl restart flockd

Different log levels can be set for different components. This example sets the default log level for all components except the BGP component to info. The BGP component will log at the debug level.