Appendix B: RFC Compliance

Flock Networks Routing Suite implements the following RFC's.


  • RFC2328 OSPF Version 2

    The following sections of the RFC are not yet supported;

    • Stub Areas (3.6 Supporting stub areas)
    • Virtual Links (15. Virtual Links)
    • Authentication (D. Authentication)
    • Non-broadcast networks (1.2. Definitions of commonly used terms)

Inter-operating with Cisco OSFPv2

Cisco routers enable RFC5613 "Link Local Signaling" (LLS) by default. Flock Networks OSPFv2 does not yet support RFC5613. To inter-operate LLS needs to be disabled on the Cisco device.

router ospf <n>
  no capability lls

If you are hitting this problem, the Flock Networks router will be logging a warning.

[WARN  flockrsd::ospf::ospf_intf] Rx OSPF Header sanity failed: "Rx Pak Hello ignore, Options mismatch, expected [E] got [E | L] from RouterId(