System Component

Configuration Overview

/etc/flockd/system.toml is the system configuration file. The file must start by specifying the format_version it uses. Having a format_version allows configuration to be amended or deprecated in the future. Currently version 20 is the only supported version.

format_version = 20

Enable the forwarding plane manager (FPM) connection. FPM is used to program a forwarding plane that is not the Kernel. In particular SONiC requires FPM to be enabled. To enable FPM add these two lines to /etc/flockd/system.toml

tcp_port = 2620

Check status of flockd

flock@flocknet$ flockc system
"hostname": "flocknet"
"software": "Flock Networks Routing Suite"
"version": "20.3.0"
"model": "Multi-threaded"
"pid": 2423
"compile_mode": "Release"
"log_level": "info"
"uptime": Uptime { days: 0, hours: 0, mins: 0, secs: 19 }
"enabled_protocols": ["OSPFv2"]
"fpm_state": "disabled"

Show all system interfaces

flock@flocknet:~$ flockc system -i

Show single system interface

flock@flocknet:~$ flockc system -i enp1s0