Welcome to the User Guide for Flock Networks Routing Suite 20.2.

At Flock Networks we believe networks should be fast, secure and uniform.

  • Performance is achieved by:
    • Running in a single operating system process, with each component having its own thread. This makes the communication between components dramatically faster.
    • Handling network protocol updates in batches. This means route calculation can be performed less frequently, and keeps the CPU's instruction cache hot.
    • Only using data structures that are CPU data cache friendly.
  • Security is achieved by the routing suite being exclusively written in the Rust programming language. Rust has a similar performance to C / C++, but is memory safe at compile time.
  • Uniformity is achieved by having a similar configuration across all routers in the network. Device specific and in particular interface specific configuration is to be avoided.

If you have any questions, suggestions or issues, please email